Changes we will see to our shopping habits in five years

Self driving smart shopping carts

Shopping carts becomes more smart. Many intriguing features comes to them. Some of them –

  1. self driving ; you summon a cart and a cart comes to you.
  2. After unloading, you say bye-bye and cart automatically goes away.
  3. You can ride on the cart mostly by standing on the back of it.
  4. You just put stuff in the cart, it will show total bill, alternative items, adds more suggestions similar to the stuff, shows reviews, asks to add review. Whole inside-outside of shopping cart will be one big screen.
  5. No need to wait in line and pay, you can pay to your shopping cart.
  6. No need to unload stuff manually to your car, shopping cart and adjust height as per your car trunk height, and it can roll stuff onto trunk without you heavy lifting.
  7. Shopping carts will be charged automatically when needed.
  8. It even remembers your previous shopping history and shows you an auto generated personalized shopping list.
  9. Once you sign up on a list, it even gives you a map to navigate store for optimizing your time and to ensure delicate items are kept on top (infamous example: onions goes below, tomatoes goes on top 🙂 )

No need to bring along shopping cart (option 2)

You take your mobile phone and scan items you need and enter quantity. Pay and wait in your car. With in five minutes a shopping cart will come to your car with all the stuff you selected.

Mini autonomous stores in every community complex

In your apartment complex or gated community – a mini sans-human, complete autonomous store will be present. You can walk, pick and come out. If you need anything else, place order and you will get it by evening. You can even order from your bed and just walk in to collect your complete packed goods.

Autonomous food-trucks

Self driving, sans-human food trucks will be norm. You can vend your favorite lunch or dinner from them. Either it is burger or biryani or pasta all are prepared freshly in the morning and packed for you, heated and served.

Autonomous honey-pots 🙂

Name says all! Hopefully they will be better than current versions.

Autonomous mobile stores for countries like India

For countries like India, a mobile store will travel to rural areas with single human presence. (mostly for security reasons) ; People will vend stuff. Even mobile book stores go to school. Mobile book libraries from charity orgs will be norm.

The line between online – offline shopping will be blurred.

You don’t feel like specially online shopping or offline shopping. Offline will technically present as if you are shopping on your screen. Online will present as if you are shopping in a physical store. In the end both will be merged. Everybody comes to a new balance of what to buy online vs offline. What to buy in which stores.