An old woman and her Rooster which wakes up the sun!

Long long ago there was a village, in that village lives an old woman alone in her humble hut. Her husband passed away few winters back, her sons and daughters didn’t survived beyond infantry. She was a good person at heart. The village folks are busy during farming season and busy preparing for farming in off-season. They never bothered to visit old woman and say Hello!

The old woman had a rooster, it is very bright, energetic and young. Every day before sunrise it climbs up on the hut and sings cock-a-doodle-doo three times. After that sun comes up. Old woman sees this every day and she was so proud of her rooster who wakes up sun with a good morning song.

One day the village celebrated harvest festival. But everybody forgot about old woman, nobody invited her to celebrations! Her heart felt really bad, depressed and she got angrier. Then she got an idea to punish the villagers. She took her rooster along with her and went to forest and started living there. She knows – once the sun stops coming as rooster no longer sings – the villagers will call her back.

It has been quite a number of days – nothing changed. But she is adamant and strongly believed the villagers can not stay for more than couple of weeks without sun.

She started living in a cave and travels to nearby water stream every day twice. One day she met with a rabbit whose skin is a tan burned as it escaped northern forest fires and came to this forest recently. The woman felt pity and used her medical knowledge to apply some soothing oil to the rabbit’s skin.

After that she ended up treating broken-winged-eagle, limping deer, broken-hand-bear. She removes thorns from several animals with kindness. She brushes monkeys every day with her special comb and they are grateful for that.

One day old woman looked sad, as the villagers seems to have learned how to survive without sun and never came back to her. Animals saw that she is sad – asked her what’s the matter. She explained every thing.

Then all the animals met in a secret meeting and decided to send eagle as an agent to the village to invite old woman back. Then eagle went to village and tried to talk to the villagers, but everybody is so busy – nobody stopped to listen to the eagle.

Eagle felt annoyed and used her magic to disappear the sun! The villagers felt panic!! Then eagle used big magical voice to say “Until you fetch the old woman and her rooster back to the village the sun won’t return”

All the villagers now remembered old woman and her rooster which sings to the sun every day. They also realized they haven’t seen her from quite some days. They flocked to forest and convinced old woman to come back to village

Old woman said – “I am happy here, but take this rooster along with you, she will sing to the sun and everything will be alright”

The animals and old woman lived happily ever after in the forest.

Monster in forest (Recursion)

Long long ago there was a thick forest,

In that forest several animals are living in balance. There are rabbits, tigers, lions, elephants, owls, eagles, snakes, foxes and what not.

One day from a far away village a cow walked into forest. The cow is grazing green pastures and didn’t realize its surroundings until it is already too late.

A red fox saw the cow entering into forest, it never saw a cow in its life. It doesn’t know what kind of animal it is. Naturally unknown things frighten foxes and this fox is much more frightened. It started running without looking back.

All of a sudden, it bumped into a tiger on the way! Tiger got annoyed – it just now finished its meal and going home.

Fox expressed its deepest regrets and also informed him of a strange monster newly entering the forest.

Tiger got worried, it met its friend lion and discussed the same. Which was overheard by a owl sitting nearby. Owl discussed about this big scary monster of gigantic size with glowing eyes, mouth as big as a mountain – who can gulp even elephants in one gobble.

Eagle dutifully informed about this elephant eating monster newly entering into forest and asked elephants to be on watch.

Elephants talked about it in detail and cancelled their lake visit for that day. This was heard by rabbit, who was simply minding his own business and hiding away from those big elephant legs.

The cow entered into a bushy area and greeted by rabbit. Rabbit stared into cows eyes, cow stared into rabbits eyes and smiled. In a hushy voice rabbit told cow about big gigantic eye glowing mountain size mouthed elephant eating monster. Asked cow to be very careful.

Cow now literally scared, already forest is new to it – without looking back ran back to village.

Back in the village cow told everybody about its small adventure and how it escaped the big scary eye glowing gigantic mountain size mouthed elephant eating monster.

Even today the people in the village were scared to enter into forest, they know there is a monster waiting for them in forest.

Even today the folks in forest doesn’t walk alone, they walk in groups. They know a monster is in forest.