USPS use of technology is crazy! (on a good side)

USPS – now you can simply check incoming mails including the photo of the letter from your computer or mobile! Cool. You can visit your mail box only if the letter is important. Easy to ignore those spam covers Smile 

I am pretty sure, all this is automated!

Imagine millions (Billions?) of letters scanned, address is (OCR) recognized, categorized and visible to owner.

Whoever first got this idea Kudos!

This is now completely different

This is now completely different,

a magical transformation.

An urban setting into rural-

A rural setting into urban.

Like black into white,

like white into black.

Shredding all gray on the way,

This is magical transformation.

Readying journey onto distant worlds,

igniting boosters with pure will power,

taking whole families along with it,

including their hopes and passions.

This is just begging of

exciting journey towards more magic.

Make no mistake,

this is not what you know,

this is nobody named yet,

only those part of it,

can experience this wonder

until ballads are sung,

until books are written,

until case studies are made

nobody knows the magic.

Guacamole a must try snack for Indian taste buds 

First time I saw these in USA supermarkets I am clueless of these fruits. But in frenzy to try new things I bought a bag of these Avocados from Costco. Still clueless what to do with them. They stayed on shelf for a week and became ripe and ripe Avocados looked gross to me. I couldn’t bring myself to try anything with them. My wife is more conservative when it comes to food. She didn’t even pretended to acknowledge their presence but moved them to fridge. After two weeks on a fine Sunday they were relocated to trash. 

Things might have stayed same if not for a visit to Chipotle with cousin. I loved Guacamole. I my God I don’t believe it is not Indian version of some Chat. 

Then did some Google search about guacamole recipe. Surprise! It is made from Avocados. 

To be careful this time got only one Avocado from tradersjoe. Followed instructions. Did video search about how to peel this fruit. 

Pretty easy and delicious awesome evening snack. Loved it with tortilla and even Karappoosa. 


Just cut onions add Avocado squeeze a fresh lemon add coriander leaves. Optionally add a pinch of salt a d couple of green chilies. Mash it to your liking a d eat with tortillas. 

Usually takes 30 minutes 

How to understand this madness of Chiru Vs Balayya or Khaidi 150 Vs Satakarni

The majority of the Telugu folks across the globe are ignoring the upcoming Sankranthi movies, but at the same time vocal minority proactively taking things to peak madness regarding the upcoming two movies of this Sankranthi 2017. One is Khaidi No. 150 coming from Chiranjeevi the other is Gautami Putra Satakarni coming from Balakrishna.

For any sane person this doesn’t make any logical sense. So, how to understand this insane mass hysteria?

To understand this, we need to look at human beings at all places, not only Telugu folks. Human beings always need some roll model, be it gods, heroes, knights or kings. May be it is something we inherited from animals, follow the strong, emulate the strong, survival instinct. Those who followed strong, those who emulated the strong survived and passed their jeans successfully, along with the jeans the same traits passed on.

What if we don’t want to be part of this madness? May be we will become extinct just like countless others in the past for millions of years. Better thing to do is to redirect our energies to some other exciting thing. So what is that better positive thing? (Leave a comment with your ideas….)

And the Yandamoori Vs Nagababu Vs Varma episode. Any publicity is good publicity. People should talk about us, what they talk doesn’t matter. I believe this is a simple marketing gimmick. A well scripted, acted, played one. Best thing is ignore it. don’t become part of it (Alas! Just like I did in this para)

Movie is powerful tool. A society which uses it carefully, advances exponentially. For the past fifty years, Telugu movies played commendable role in the progress of our Telugu society. Every decade they played vital role in directing Telugu energies. They have subtle narrative of our manifest destiny. One of the reasons for BIMARU states backwardness is lack of independent movie industry! But now for the Telugu movies, the path seems to be diverging away from its overall positive role in setting future narrative, and the gap is increasing. I hope  our creative directors will take things in right direction by following their heart, by being independent, by being calculated capitalistic. Let us keep watching the movies and be part of our tribe!

See you after Sankranthi with two reviews 🙂

Does people forgive Chiranjeevi and accept him back as a hero rather than a failed politician who settled things only for elite around him and ignored completely about the voters who voted for him.

Does people accept Balakrishna in the most powerful character of recent past even with Director Krish magic?

Fingers crossed.

What do you say?



iOT – 1 Internet of things what it means for our future?

Internet of Things. The latest of latest jargons. Simply put disconnect machines from their human masters. Let machine communicate themselves. Let machines take predefined decisions based upon the data they receive, while the human masters are immersed heavily in their shopping to heart or workaholicing ;

As tech guy + science fiction fan + a bit of creativity I am trying to guess how this is going to change our simplest of simple lives.

We visit a restaurant ; The glasses there are really bottom less. You drink the fluid and keep the glass over table. Glass communicates to table it opens its bottom – table pushes more fluid to auto-fill the glass.

The buffet wastage is reduced. Buffet is started, the dishes knows how much is consumed how fast it is consumed, the door knows how many foot falls are coming in and their weight, even their previous history. The plates knows who is eating how much and what. The smart monitor in kitchen displays  which dish is required in next five minutes, sixty minutes.


WordPress default RSS widget – make not to display entries in chronological order

WordPress RSS feed widget displays feed entries in chronological order.

But some times it is better to display the entries in the order they appear in feed.

For example Popular books of the week.

To do so, make below changes to core wordpress.

Filename = feed.php

function = fetch_feed()

before $feed->init add below line:




ps: It is bad idea to change core wordpress. Until you find a plugin it is a quick fix.

What happens in FB stays in court. ?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
What happens in FB stays in court. ?
మనం కూర్చున్న కొమ్మను మనమే నరుక్కున్నట్టున్నాం . I see many of my friends staying in India now reluctant to express on FB. (Why take risk ? 🙂 ) Not sure whether it is temperory or permanent.
Good job folks for dragging it to the extreme.
Below are detailed musings from Jampala gaaru: (ఎత్తి పోతల పథకం 🙂 )
The last few weeks have been quite troubling.
There are three different prominent episodes involving freedom of expression, or what we in US here are used to referring as first amendment rights in which my friends have taken sometimes contradictory stands.

A political leader, in the name of religion, makes insulting and incendiary comments about another religion. His remarks are criticized; cases are filed against him; he was jailed and judicial proceedings are underway. Another religious personality makes some comments against him. His remarks are criticized; cases are filed against him; he was jailed and judicial proceedings are underway.

A few people make seriously objectionable comments about women and sexuality on Facebook. Several people object to these comments, publicize them in Facebook and other media to show the offenders their place and socially humiliate them. Cases are filed against these offenders and judicial proceedings are under way.

A brilliant actor and a passionate film maker makes a technically brilliant and interesting film (more about the film later when time permits) with the theme of a secret agent fighting Al Qaida terrorists. A religious organization objects to the film and a state government bars the film being screened and relentlessly pursues the ban despite a legal order allowing the film to be screened. In the process, the film maker is facing bankruptcy.

All these actions are pursued on the grounds that the offender’s expressions (speech, writing, film) hurt the sentiments of some (or many) people.

The issue that troubles me is whether this is the way to deal with when somebody’s expression offends me (or somebody else)? In two of the situations above, I was offended by the expression. In another, I was not (but, somebody else apparently was).

I grant that there are some expressions that I offend morally reprehensible or outright vulgar. There are expressions that offend a large majority of the people, and there are expressions that offend a small minority. However, if we start prosecuting and jailing people for some expressions, who draws the line where we should stop prosecuting? What do we ban and what do we not?

I am not familiar with the laws of India, but I clearly see that there are quite a few restrictions on the freedom of expression. Books get banned, films get censored or banned, and people get jailed, prosecuted or persecuted by the government. Is this something that we should try to change or something that we should stand behind, and even take advantage of when we are the offended party?

There is an expression attributed to Voltaire that many liberals and libertarians are fond of – “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. If we try to restrict others from expressing what we thoroughly disapprove, we loose the right (and the strength) to cry ‘foul’ when somebody else restricts the expression that we approve.

Being in US, I have seen how the most extreme forms of expression are allowed. In the early days, I had trouble understanding how it could be. But now, particularly after seeing the many instances over the years in India of the misuse of the laws restricting freedom of expression, I think that we should vigorously oppose any curtailment by government of freedom of expression and advocate appropriate changes to the laws and constitution.

This is not to say we should ignore the expressions that offend us. By all means, we should oppose them vigorously and expose them for what they are in all the arenas that we can and hold the offenders accountable for their views. We should thoroughly debate and debunk such views that we see as hateful or disturbing. I have no problems with publicly ‘outing’ the lewd commentators and the religious hate-mongers. If an offended Muslim publicly points out the problems with Kamal Haasan’s film, I would welcome that. But we should not take joy in government curtailing freedom of expression. Only when we defend the rights of those we hate, we would be able to defend the rights of those we like and our own rights.

We would all benefit if we take to heart Martin Niemoller’s immortal lines:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.