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Why do men write literature? Why? Why do they spend so much of time on the abstractness called art? What is good art? And what is not? Just because something survived, will it become good art by default? or it is great art and thus it survived? Is Shakespeare great art just because it survived? Is Vemana, great art just because it survived amidst all improbabilities? What role do I have to play here? As they call me half-man. I never could control my passion for the history of literature. I don’t even remember when and how it started of all these years. I coined so many theories but none could satisfy me, except one but then there is no proof. It is just an abstract idea, just like this art. May be it is really my destiny or karma? What is the proper noun here?

For fifty years I worked alone. I know it is possible. The trio did it in a simple university lab a generation back. Where are they now? Nobody knows for sure. Some say they are stuck in time. Some say they settled in a better time.

After initial fifty years things changed rapidly. Lot of funds miraculously flowed. May be not. If I connect the dots now I know about how things unfolded. At least in those days it was a miracle.

And now I am here. On this journey. A historical journey, with Dharma and its thousand plus crew, with everything modern technology could afford.

Our first stop —