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An idea to save Twitter from itself : InDoor

Posted by chavakiran on

Twitter is great – for celebrities, media and folks inside media.

But for common-man twitter is chaos. Nothing much to offer for them other than keeping up to date which also not possible due to its infinite chaos. Even if one follows ten people, it is impossible to feel satisfied. It is always unfinished – forcing people to run away to other social networking sites or moving on with life.

One idea to save Twitter from this self destructing nature. InDoor

Allow people to make their own twitter.

  1. Anybody can create an indoor twitter.
  2. Example or
  3. Tweets inside indoor are for members only.
  4. Every member follows every other member by default this setting can be changed either globally or per member by moderator.
  5. One can unfollow any member.
  6. One can retweet public tweets to indoor only.
  7. Once on indoor there won’t be any confusion whole twitter interface remains same, except everything now applies to indoor account. Users can easily exit indoor and go to public twitter.

This should make twitter more useful to common members who are not celebrities. This will put twitter in direct competition with What’sapp for family/friend groups + slack/teams for office groups.

Once basic structure is there – we could go on innovating much more.


Taming the horse

Posted by chavakiran on
Once upon a time, 
there was a rider -
who bought a horse,
Failed to tame it - 
shot it in the end.
Bought another horse, 
this time left it to wild.
After several dead and
multiple feral horses -
it flashed to him -
It is not he who is trying to tame -
rather the horses are testing him.
he failed them miserably.
He no longer needed to tame any - 
Now he could ride any horse.

All hail new king!

Posted by chavakiran on
All hail new king, 
Off with their heads!
All hail new king!

Paint the eyes green,
All hail new king.

Tax, more tax.
Build, more tall.
All hail new king.

flocks - flocked out.
All hail new king,
of deserted planet.

It never gets old,

Posted by chavakiran on
 It never gets old, 
The king camping around enemy fort, 
me, taking care of business usual here. 

Every Friday - 
I wait for the rider with news,
Are the gates opened? 
Or the walls fallen? 

A poem from the king, 
Is the sole reason for me,
Not to go mad in this role
Of queen in waiting. 

He talks about everything, 
Except the war. 
The food, mostly stale - 
The weather, mostly dull - 
The tents, mostly gray - 
Yet, it brings out best of me.

For the people, 
I am the queen. 
For the King,
I am the trusted, 
For the palace, 
I am the supreme. 
For me - 
Who am I? 

English/Ideas for better future

Circular script – A daring redesign of script for modern humans.

Posted by chavakiran on

After watching for Arrival, I had this creative urge to design a circular script for humans. This could be used like a human-readable QR code. Current QR codes are only readable by computers, how about having all the benefits of QR code + making it human readable too!

On Nov 11th 2016 1:50 PM EST this is what I wrote in a notebook purchased at Miami airport.

Circular Script.

Background: Today I watched Arrival film along with Katta.Vijay in Miami. In that movie aliens uses a circular script with very complex form to represent words, ideas and even sentences.

Then it occurred to me, if we can use the same circular script to write human languages we could save lot of space. In one circle we could write one letter or one word or partial word or multiple words. By saving space we could make reading even faster.

Goals of new script:

Goal 1: It must be on, around circle.

Question: Why not square or rectangle or triangle or spiral?

Answer: It could be on any of them. So the circular script designed will be easily usable, portable onto any other geometric shape. Over time users will stick to one or more of these shapes.

Goal 2: Symmetry :-> The script should be symmetrical in more than one ways.

Goal 3: Script must be easy to write.

Goal 4: Script must be easy to read.

Goal 5: Script must be easy to learn.

One of the biggest advantages of Latin alphabet is it is damn simple to learn. Kids, adults as first language script or second language script it is easy to learn. Of course there are historically done research and tool development to make this possible.

Goal 6: Script must be readable even if circle rotates.

Goal 7: Script must be independent of thickness of line. Making it bold, bolder, boldest must not change its meaning.

Goal 8: Script must be independent of size. Making it large or small should not change the meaning. Of course making it smallest could make it unintelligible.

Goal 9: Script must allow artistic liberties.

Goal 10: Filling or un-filling a shape must not change its meaning. For example O and O with inside also filled dark holds same meaning.

Goal 11: Redundancy is allowed.

Goal 12: The alphabet (not word) must be same irrespective of the direction we read it. for example

Goal 13: Color must not change meaning.

Goal 14: By keeping two letters next to each other it must not give another letter. It must be same letter twice.

Goal 15: Squares and rectangles must be considered as same letter. Similarly for other shapes.

Goal 16: The mirror image must not give another letter. But it could be different shape representing same letter.

Goal 17: By putting two same or different letters side by side without anybody gap must not give us different letter. even the mirror image.

Goal 18: A curve and line must be treated same. Doesn’t apply to half circle.

Goal 19: The shape must be complete. can not be open. They must be Purna.

Even if they are not complete, it must not become different letter once completes.

This is still incomplete project ….


A nightmare

Posted by chavakiran on
We landed on this planet, 
Under this turquoise sky,
With flying tangerine leaves,
Slept on mantis beds.

All of a sudden,
A screeching sound thousand-fold,
Surrounded by dark crows,
Was awake to feel every pinch,
Was asleep to make any moves,
A dreary dark nightmare.

I see a witch in white drape,
trying hard to wake me up.

I see humming birds,
trying hard to break the crow cloud.


Another Life is good

Posted by chavakiran on

Another life on Rotten tomatoes had very bad reviews, but it is OK series, not a bad series. For Sci-fic fans watching old great series again and again due to dearth of great new ones – this is worth the time.

They took more liberal approach by including all kinds of love. Straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, bi triples and even AI couples!

The sci-fic plot is cliche some times. Mix of popular elements from previous classics (at one point I screamed inside – not aliens franchise please … 🙂 )

But, the actors are decent. The script and story is crisp. No unnecessary cliffhangers. More importantly it set stage for more series in future successfully!


Ideas to be tracked similar to bugs, tasks …

Posted by chavakiran on

Ideas though important, are cheap, execution is costly.

Software engineering made leaps and bounds with agile, scrum and other related innovations. But one thing didn’t get much attention is ideas. We are not tracking them similar to our other objects of a project management. They are discussed in corridors, scrum meetings, emails and chat-channels. But that’s it. It is either hit or miss. Not preserved for future. Like every cell in a human body regenerates in seven years, every team regenerates with new faces in two years. Ideas are lost to ether. Who knows one of those ideas disappeared in a blip may save the project in future?

Of course there are reasons for ideas not being tracked.

  1. They are cheap! For somebody with startup itch knows how easy it is to be flooded with ideas and how travail execution of those ideas is.
  2. Ideas are not rewarded during review cycle. May be for right reasons, ideas itself are not rewarded during review cycle. What is delivered is the only value considered for all those fat bonuses, stock options and promotions. This leads to engineers and managers alike ignore the importance of ideas.
  3. Once we start tracking ideas, it might become frenzy. If something is tracked, there will be un?-necessary attention to it.

To avoid “3” above – to stop team going frenzy we could call ideas as proposals. Now along with bugs, tasks, backlogs, features we better have a place for Proposals. In that way anybody in team could propose something and be discussed, tracked and logged for history.


Circle-Spiral-Galaxy approach for whiteboard to release

Posted by chavakiran on

There are two kinds of people – who are good at bird’s eye view and those good at ant’s eye view.

Bird folks are good at coming up with ideas, sub-ideas, thinking of all the problems, dependencies in reaching there; Ant folks are good at executing stuff but one grain at a time, how big the granary might be.

Now, keep both these folks in one room for whiteboard discussion and see the fun.

BTW, there are always ambidextrous folks, who can wear both the hats and context switch.

Here is a framework you can use to proceed from idea to release.

Form a big circle, write everything you can think of. organize them in whatever way you feel is suitable. This is basically your laundry list. It can include big picture design diagrams, north pole. If every dependency can be resolved, if we have infinite resources, what is that we are trying to achieve? How are we going to achieve it?

Now cut this big circle into three circles. Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three. To be cute we can call them Milky-way, Andromeda, PinWheel. These are our short-term, medium term, long term goals.

Now each circle is to be cut into spiral with three parts. Zero, One & Two; Or Sun, AlphaCentaury & Proxima; Each one is its own release to customers. Sun could be start of life – gather data with initial POCs, perform things without dependencies, Work with dependent teams to unblock AlphaCentaury work.

Repeat this in three spirals in three small circles. We are still not actually executing project, only moving our laundry list into these galaxies followed by solar systems.

After each release revisit this and improve the same.