How to prepare schools for future lock-downs

This lock down left schools, teachers, kids, parents, community as a whole without any options. (At least in WA state)

Everybody trying best not to leave kids – but realistically speaking there is not much anybody could do. It is a lost year for kids.

How to prepare for future similar incidents?

We can learn from IT brethren ;
Because they are working from home on and off. Most of the times on the average once every week or bi-weekly. The transition of full WFH is no transition. It is just business usual. The processes, resources, technology everything is already set.

The only way for preparing school to virtual teaching is to have regular virtual classes. We can not have virtual classes on week-days, as that will get big resistance from parents. Nobody want to baby sit them on a weekday.

One way is every second Saturday one hour class. But this also don’t get much votes from both parents and teachers. Everybody has plans on weekends.

That leaves us with only one option – there is already a day called early release. On that day kids can have an hour of virtual class in the tail end of school hour. So if they come home at 1:30PM they can have an hour of virtual class at 3:00 PM to 3:45PM.

This should work for both parents, teachers and kids.
Only uncovered scenario is kids having post-school day care. Assuming kids can take their laptops with them on this day and internet is available for that hour – this should work even kids in after school care.

Added bonus advantage – schools don’t need to close on snow days! They can go virtual on those days.

Another added advantage – kids gets used to technology much sooner!!

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