Ideas to be tracked similar to bugs, tasks …

Ideas though important, are cheap, execution is costly.

Software engineering made leaps and bounds with agile, scrum and other related innovations. But one thing didn’t get much attention is ideas. We are not tracking them similar to our other objects of a project management. They are discussed in corridors, scrum meetings, emails and chat-channels. But that’s it. It is either hit or miss. Not preserved for future. Like every cell in a human body regenerates in seven years, every team regenerates with new faces in two years. Ideas are lost to ether. Who knows one of those ideas disappeared in a blip may save the project in future?

Of course there are reasons for ideas not being tracked.

  1. They are cheap! For somebody with startup itch knows how easy it is to be flooded with ideas and how travail execution of those ideas is.
  2. Ideas are not rewarded during review cycle. May be for right reasons, ideas itself are not rewarded during review cycle. What is delivered is the only value considered for all those fat bonuses, stock options and promotions. This leads to engineers and managers alike ignore the importance of ideas.
  3. Once we start tracking ideas, it might become frenzy. If something is tracked, there will be un?-necessary attention to it.

To avoid “3” above – to stop team going frenzy we could call ideas as proposals. Now along with bugs, tasks, backlogs, features we better have a place for Proposals. In that way anybody in team could propose something and be discussed, tracked and logged for history.

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