Circle-Spiral-Galaxy approach for whiteboard to release

There are two kinds of people – who are good at bird’s eye view and those good at ant’s eye view.

Bird folks are good at coming up with ideas, sub-ideas, thinking of all the problems, dependencies in reaching there; Ant folks are good at executing stuff but one grain at a time, how big the granary might be.

Now, keep both these folks in one room for whiteboard discussion and see the fun.

BTW, there are always ambidextrous folks, who can wear both the hats and context switch.

Here is a framework you can use to proceed from idea to release.

Form a big circle, write everything you can think of. organize them in whatever way you feel is suitable. This is basically your laundry list. It can include big picture design diagrams, north pole. If every dependency can be resolved, if we have infinite resources, what is that we are trying to achieve? How are we going to achieve it?

Now cut this big circle into three circles. Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three. To be cute we can call them Milky-way, Andromeda, PinWheel. These are our short-term, medium term, long term goals.

Now each circle is to be cut into spiral with three parts. Zero, One & Two; Or Sun, AlphaCentaury & Proxima; Each one is its own release to customers. Sun could be start of life – gather data with initial POCs, perform things without dependencies, Work with dependent teams to unblock AlphaCentaury work.

Repeat this in three spirals in three small circles. We are still not actually executing project, only moving our laundry list into these galaxies followed by solar systems.

After each release revisit this and improve the same.

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