Rules of Engagement for a software engineer

  1. If you are stuck on a single problem for more than three hours it is time to call help.
  2. You work for your manager not for company. Is it?
  3. Keep your ideas to yourself until you have more around them, like useful impact for team, reasonable confidence of execution, POC & estimates 
  4. Best part of day must be spent on very important and more impacting work 
  5. Never over promise – which inevitably leads to under delivery. Always under promise and over deliver. 
  6. Tech debt vs timely delivery – always let the later win. Nobody loves a delayed but perfect release. (It may not even be that perfect)
  7. 20% of your time should be spent on something your manager is not aware at this instance. Provided you always work 20% more time than average.
  8. Consistent schedule is preferable for your health and your team’s health. Remember Rome is not built in a day.
  9. Know and understand dependencies of the feature before you write submit first draft of plan.
  10. Know your red-flags, and feel free to jump ship before they eat you alive.
  11. Every morning and evening write personal logs (as simple as OneNote )
  12. Nobody likes a smart-goblin.
  13. Always go prepared to a meeting.

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