Who is the Sankranthi winner?

Both Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna came up with their 150 & 100 th movies before us for this Sankranthi.

So who is the winner?

From the collections, Chiranjeevi is clear winner. Of course two things helped him apart from the zeal of his fans. It is wonderful to watch fans go all gala over his comeback. a) The movie released a day earlier got almost double number of theaters than Balakrishna film on the first day. b) in USA the T-Mobile offer of 2$ movie ticket contributed healthily towards first day collections. After the first day Balakrishna never got a chance to meet the collections.

But Balakrishna fans don’t need to read too much into collections. This movie had all reasons for them to celebrate. This is one movie Balakrishna has been waiting for a decade or more, a movie which will attract neutral (and partially sympathetic) audience. Everybody can now wait for Aditya 999! (or Aditya 1116 is better isn’t it?)

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